Online Shopping..

In the ongoing “no riding no running” scenario that is my life right now, I have been online shopping… I LOVE online shopping. I HATE real shopping: it’s crowded, noisy, there is too much bright light… I can completely understand why small kids have meltdowns in shopping centres as I usually feel like having one […]


This week’s weather forecast: Today: Hot. (96F) Tomorrow: HOT. (99F) Thursday: REALLY HOT. (100F) Friday: Maybe not quite so hot, but hellooo humidity. (94F, probable thunderstorms) Saturday: You might be able to bear being outside after 7 a.m. (90F) Sunday: HOT. (100F) So, sorry for no blogging but there really is very little going on. […]

Back into It.

All 4 horses went out for 10km (6 miles) yesterday. I guess that means we are officially legging up… I have been really battling with motivation this summer. It’s so HOT, and I am really quite enjoying my running (and I’m signed up for a 12km charity run in May), and getting horses ride fit […]


And the living is easy. For Joe at least:   Not so much for me. As usual I am using my “downtime” from riding to a) run and b) work on the babies we have here. I took up running about seven years ago. I very much run for fitness: I do not ENJOY running […]

Looking back

I am prompted to write this by a post from Mel over at Boots and Saddles who was musing on the changes in her horse over the years.. It is very true I think that horses go on changing for FAR longer than we really think: we all expect them to grow and change shape […]