Getting Started…

New blog… new set of skills to learn, new stuff to write about.

As a mother of two, full time veterinary officer for a state government department and part time endurance rider, I don’t know where the hell I think I’m going to find the time to write a blog… but there seems to be something of a dearth of blogs out there about people doing the weird and wonderful sport of endurance riding in Australia. So I thought I’d start one.

Happily enough, our endurance season is winter based (it gets HOT here in Western Australia – like over 40 degrees C hot (that’s 104 degrees in old money). Meanwhile our winters are mild and wet. So the season runs from March to November, and is kicking off about when the seaosn in the USA is. Handy, huh? We get wet a  lot…

Anyway – join me and my 6 year old Arab X something or other Joe (otherwise known as the fattest endurance horse in Western Australia) as we prepare for our first 50 miler (we hope) in 2012.

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