Introducing everyone

It sometimes occurs to me that we have a ridiculous number of animals…. about three for every family member at the last count.

First the horses:

Joe – my number one man. Palomino Arab X, 6 years old, bold as brass, lazy as sin, and with a whole bucket full of attitude. Has completed 2 40km (25 mile) rides, and has emerged from our last summer fat, sassy and standing about 15.2 (you can stop growing now thanks Joe)


Then there’s Prycie, a 12 year old brown Standardbred and all round good guy. He was free to a good home and turned out to be an awesome endurance horse while Joe was finishing fattening (I mean growing) up in 2009 – 2010. He did 2 x 80km rides (50 milers) with me which was something of a case of the blind leading the blind as neither of us had done one before and then “retired” to be my husband’s long suffering occasional ride.  Ultra reliable and with a huge work ethic, his self appointed role in life is to look after EVERYONE.

Prycie and I at our first 25 miler    

The kids ride too: my eldest has the steady dependable Angel, an 18 year old Connemara who lives up to her name around kids and is the exact opposite for me when I ride her… My youngest gets Mojo, an 8 year old Welsh section B and Joe’s partner in crime… Mojo and Joe are also known as “Asshat one” and “Asshat two” depending on what they have been up to.

Here they are:


Add to that 2 dogs, one rather stressed out cat, 3 budgies and a ridiculous number of chooks, and life is busy…

Next up – possibly some actual riding!! And a bit more rambling about why I do this sport.

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