So much for posting every week…

What happened to the last 6 months?!

Guess I’d better update. We had a good season.. Joe and I managed to complete 3 slow steady 80kms (50 milers) and thus upgrade to Open endurance horse. This means we are allowed to complete 80kms at faster than Novice pace (14 km/hr or about 9 miles per hour).  While we are now allowed to do so, I think it will take us quite some time to get to the sort of speeds the experts do! I have never had it in mind to be hugely competitive, but the idea of upping our average speed so that we finish in 7 hours rather than 8 does have some appeal. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the season is finished and we are all  waiting out the summer and the heat (although today is 20 degrees C and cloudy, which is NOT how November in the Western Australian wheatbelt is meant to feel!). The 2013 ride calendar comes out in a few weeks and things will all kick off again in March. Joe is out on spell being fat and happy.

I have plenty to keep me busy though… We seem to have managed to acquire a new horse, bringing us up to 5… Savannah is a 15hh (on tippy toe), Arab x Welsh X something or other, 6 year old bay mare who came to us after having a couple of foals and not being ridden for three years. I have restarted her under saddle and she is proving to be a fun ride, nice and forward without being an idiot. I plan on taking her to Adult Riders this summer, and even dabbling in a couple of low level dressage tests. We have started having lessons again, which after 20 years without one is abit of a shock to the system…

Savannah having spotted one of the other horses out in the big paddock

Savannah having spotted one of the other horses out in the big paddock

Savannah October

The eventual plan is that one of my girls will take her over when they outgrow their current ponies. She’ll make a nice little Pony Club mount. There may even be a foal or two in her future… there are a couple of very nice Arab stallions I have my eye on and I need to start planning for my next endurance mount! (Oh, that’s right, Joe was meant to be my last one! But I think in about 5 years my younger daughter may have stolen him from me).

So, enough to keep me busy over the summer until it all starts again in March. We have big plans for 2013 which include bringing Prycie back into work so he qualifies as an Open horse, so he can be my back up for my attempt at the Tom Quilty ride in 2014. The Quilty is Australia’s premier 100 mile ride and in 2014 it will not only be in Western Australia, but being held in a small town only 30 miles up the road from me! Too good an opportunity to miss, but there is a LOT of work and ridign to be done before then!

I’ll keep you all posted.


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