Waiting, waiting…

…I’m not very good at it.

It’s summer. And it’s hot (and I mean really hot. Too hot for riding with any level of intensity for this English ex pat). I prefer weather like this, with frost on the ground:

Mayanup 2010

So the ponies are out for a spell, and I do seriously believe a good LONG spell does a horse the world of good. I’m talking 3 months or more here. Joe worked pretty hard last year, and our terrain in WA is not the most forgiving in the world. Joe is barefoot and competes in boots, so concussion is reduced, and I slather him in a great product called Tuffrock after every serious ride (more than 20 miles) but I still worry… Damn my veterinary training – I’m too aware of what can go wrong…

Anyway – I digress. Joe is on spell, being fat and happy, and I am… Bored. Which is kinda ridiculous, cos I have 2 kids, a hubby, a full time job, and a mountain of home projects to get finished (we have been building our own house for  years, and moved in 3 months ago. so there is still painting, and  a garden, and curtains to be sewn, and so and so forth).

We also have to finish a trailer before I can get too excited about rides again. We sold our little 2 horse straight load about a month ago, and are about to embark on a rebuild of a very aged 4 horse gooseneck, which is very exciting, but also kinda daunting. Lucky me to have a welder for a husband… except that, like plumber’s kitchens and machanics’ cars, the actual rebuild keeps slipping down the list of jobs to do.

So – fat ponies, no transport, and a houseful of other things I should be doing. But… The 2013 endurance calendar for our area has just come out, and there is a training schedule to plan, and I need to get 2 horses to the vet for their microchips and ID books (cos one is, and one is about to be, fancy open endurance horses, and even though I AM a vet, I can’t do my own horses’ IDs…)

Not so bored really then…

Joe first 80


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