Both my boys are now officially back in work. And with Savannah as well, that makes three horses to try and get ridden, each of them 3 times a week! 9 rides a week…

What, we have to go back to work...?

What, we have to go back to work…?

So, we cheat – a little. I am teaching Joe and Prycie that I can ride one and lead the other. They manage quite well, but they have very different trot speeds…. And on the way home, it can very quickly turn into a race. But mostly they behave quite well. So – that’s 4 rides a week turned into 2.

However, I happen to think that even endurance ponies can benefit from at least one session a week in the arena, learning to bend, and use themselves evenly, and use their back and butt muscles. This is especially important for Prycie, who spent 8 years going in a circle with a head check on, hollow backed and pacing! After a year off with my husband riding him occasionally he has relapsed quite a lot, so we are going right back to basics: lots of walking and leg yields, big 20 metre circles with the emphasis on forwards (luckily he is a very forward horse by nature) and transitions, transitions, transitions….

They're best buddies but Pete doesn't do much for Prycie's dressage skills!

They’re best buddies but Pete doesn’t do much for Prycie’s dressage skills!

As for Joe, he is a little more advanced in the flatwork but is a lazy sod with a tendency to suck back and drop behind the bit. So MORE forwards… He needs to develop strength through the back as well, as he has a tendency to drag his hind toes (more laziness).

Jope looking like a flash dressage pony. No, that's not me riding!

Joe looking like a flash dressage pony. No, that’s not me riding!

And Savannah has a little pitty pat trot which can turn into rushing if you are not careful, with her nose stuck out and her neck hollow. Enough forwards, now we just have to get it under control.

Three very different horses, and still 7 rides a week… I’m sure it’s good for my riding!


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