Where were we?

Long absence again.. my apologies.

Life has (yet again) not gone entirely to plan. Joe and I fronted up to our planned 80km at the end of June… And Joe was coughing at his vet in. We were given the option of waiting to see if he coughed overnight, but after about an hour I decided that lying awake all night waiting for my horse to cough wasn’t in the game plan, and we went home. It was a long drive for no start, but endurance riders are pretty good on biosecurity and given that I’m a vet, it wasn’t a good look to keep a potentially sick horse in camp all night!
Course, Joe wasn’t actually sick… He never stopped eating, did not have  a fever, and didn’t seem to have any exercise intolerance at any stage. He got a week of antibiotics anyway, just in case, and still appears to be fine now. We have logged a few good training rides, and clocked up 75km in 4 days about 10 days ago, so fingers crossed we WILL ride tomorrow! We have a 100 planned: it’s an elevator ride so we can rider option after 85km and still get the completion points… We shall see. Because we missed our 80km a month ago I am a bit concerned about his fitness (and mine..) but we will take it one leg at a time, as you always should.

So, in about 3 hours I shall be on the road.. Wish me luck! At the moment it is absolutely CHUCKING it down with rain outside my window – hopefully THAT blows through before 6 o clock tomorrow morning! I HATE camping in the rain, but my float is pretty watertight, and after all the false starts we have had this season, I’m blowed if I’m going to let a little (or even a lot) of rain stop me!


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