Toughing it out…

Another successful 80km this weekend, hooray. But it was TOUGH. And I learnt a lot. The ride was based at Muresk, which is basically in a river valley, but with steep hills either side. (Australia being so ancient and all, our river bottoms are wide and very flat, then they go almost vertically upwards). And […]

We’re off!

Again. In a few hours Joe and I will be on the road. This time it is brightly sunny and the forecast for tomorrow is a balmy 25 degrees (77 fahrenheit) which is almost TOO warm by my standards! The float is packed, the water tank is full, so we’re ready to go. Wish me […]

My Gear

It fascinates me going to rides, because it seems like almost everyone has a different combination of gear for them and their horse. You’ll see Isabelle dressage saddles, stock saddles, treeless saddles, hackamores, sidepulls, halters, snaffle bits, kimblewicks…. Metal shoes, barefoot, hoof boots… As long as it works and it’s comfortable for you both, it’s […]

Levels in Endurance

20km: is kinda like Adult Riders, or E grade eventing. Walk trot tests. Any horse, given a modicum of training and a rider who is capable of doing the ride, can complete. No special gear required, just ride in the tack you have. There are always lots of social riders, not there to compete, but […]


I hate shopping. I’d rather have dental work than go and look for a new outfit. We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I had to be dragged into a shop by my entire family to buy a new outfit for it. Even at this stage I was quite happy to grab […]

Catching Up

Not much been happening since the successful 100km 2 and a half weeks ago..  Joe got an Equissage treatment: he didn’t look too bad one week after 100km, I reckon: He’s a VERY easy keeper, and on a semi permanent diet at home: at rides he never stops eating! Both of these are good things […]