Catching Up

Not much been happening since the successful 100km 2 and a half weeks ago.. 

Joe got an Equissage treatment: he didn’t look too bad one week after 100km, I reckon:



He’s a VERY easy keeper, and on a semi permanent diet at home: at rides he never stops eating! Both of these are good things in a 160km horse, I’m told: statistically, horses which start the really long distances with a bit of extra padding on them are more likely to complete than the “greyhounds”, which is interesting…


It’s been raining. And raining. And raining. We seriously needed the rain, but all the same I was pretty happy it coincided with a planned 2 weeks off for Joe. I was MEANT to ride one of the others in that 2 weeks but – yeah, nah.

So we have been hibernating, pretty much. And we have all had a nasty head cold which worked it’s way through the family one after the other.

After the wet weekend at Collie, EVERYTHING had to come out of the float, get aired and dried, and then repacked. Yuk.

After taking 10 minutes to get out of my bed on the float floor the day after the 100km, we decided we needed to upgrade everyone’s sleeping arrangements! We bought some heavy duty self inflating air mattresses. The girls tried out their swags with the new mattresses in them:


Swags are a REALLY cool Australian invention: they are basically a canvas bed roll, with mattress, sleeping bag and pillow already inside them. Roll them up and tie them shut with their sewn on canvas straps, and they’re ready to go. Which means as long as the swag gets packed, you don’t need to worry about forgetting some part of your sleeping needs.

I am working towards getting the truck permanently packed, so that all we need to put in each time we go away is food, saddle and bridle, and clothes, but we are some way away from that! A major upgrade of the float to make more storage space is on the cards for the summer break: we are not yet at the stage where we could comfortable take all 4 horses away to a ride, and that’s where I want to get to.

This weekend, it was STILL raining, but time for a top up training ride. Joe and I recorded 35 unpleasant, soggy kilometres at an average speed of 13 km/hr. It would have been faster, but one of our favourite bits of track (3km of dead straight rolling up and down stuff, ideal for a bit of interval training) has been repaired after the rain by the Shire, and they have dumped several tons of sharp edged white quartz on it! We had to walk the whole damn thing, instead of bowling along at trot and canter. Very annoying. At least the dog enjoyed herself..


Today we’ll head out after work and do some interval training, just to sharpen up the heart and lungs. Schooling session Thursday or Friday to keep those butt muscles stretched and engaged, and that will have us about set for our next ride, which is on the 24th of August.

Then we have 85km on the 7th September (also Election Day in Australia, so I shall have to vote early!). And THEN, we have to put our serious heads on and decide whether to go for it at 160km on the 27th-28th of September. Eek.



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