I hate shopping. I’d rather have dental work than go and look for a new outfit. We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I had to be dragged into a shop by my entire family to buy a new outfit for it. Even at this stage I was quite happy to grab a new shirt, say “that’ll go with the skirt I already have at home” and run out again. Maybe this is why my entire wardrobe seems to be blue, black, grey or white… I know they go together! In the end, my husband, my kids and the shop assistant ganged up on me and made me try on several dresses (dresses – aagh) and decided between them what I should buy..  

Thank goodness my workplace provides a uniform.. Which I can order online.

And yet, when it comes to horses… I can happily spend hours browsing the web for THE pair of riding boots, THE bridle, THE best value winter rug… I find it very hard to drive past the 2 major horse stores in Perth without stopping in and checking out their bargain bin.(sadly, both of them are right on my route to head office, which I have to go to about once a month). All 5 of my horses are colour co-ordinated: I maintain it is so that the kids and husband know which bit of gear goes on which horse, but in reality I like having a full set of gear for each one, even though three of them could happily share bridles, rugs, boots and so on. I even own 2 sets of polo wraps which I never use.. (Don’t tell the OH).

Joe owns three bridles… A dressagey brown leather job, his every day work bridle, and a fancy biothane job which he wear on rides:


Let’s face it, when you own even one biothane bridle, you don’t need a second one, but this one was PRETTY…

Riding gear for me is no better – I think I’m up to 8 pairs of jodhs, including 2 beige pairs with a full seat (when I am EVER going to wear them!) and a range of technical riding shirts and fleeces. Three pairs of gloves, and 2 helmets…

Am I weird? Speaking to most of my horsey friends, probably not. Given what an expensive hobby horses are, maybe it’s just as well that I don’t shop for me as well. Or have my nails done.. or get facials… or expensive hair colours…

And let’s face it, who could RESIST this bridle?? Or the combination modelling it…Image

(And yes, we did go out and get blue reins to match..!)


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