Photo dump Friday

I have more ride pics! The lady who is the official photographer at most of our rides doesn’t “do” the interwebs so you get actual real printed off photos from her, which is great but makes sharing and bragging a bit tricky. However, I have finally got round to scanning and uploading some of them, so here you all go:


Pete and the kids at HIghbury ride, doing 25km (15 miles). Left to right, Lauren on Angel, Ashleigh on Mojo, and Pete on my ex-50 miler horse, Prycie.


Look like they’re having fun, don’t they?


Arty one of Joe and I leaving in the mist at Muresk in July.


My current fave (and my profile pic on Facebook!). Paddocks full of canola flowering, Muresk


And just because I can, here are the girls accompanying me on a training ride.

In a few hours I’m off to join the rest of the family water skiing. Have a good weekend everyone.


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