I got more piccies!

From a nice lady who was at our State championships. So here ya go:


My dear family, helping strap Joe



Socialising during a hold. I love how relaxed endurance is (in between the mad riding bits and the tense vet checks that is!)


Heading out on the final leg. I can’t believe how small I make Joe look in this pic. I’m 5 foot 5 and he’s 15.2 – honest! But I’ve never been blessed with the ideal rider’s body of long legs, short body…


Coming in off the final leg. Everyone commented on the stars on Joe’s butt. I’ll have to come up with new shapes for next season. Anyone got any ideas??




3 thoughts on “I got more piccies!

  1. So I have a question, because you’re kind of clipping the opposite of what I clip. The dark hair is his winter coat, yes? So you left hair on his belly and took it off his butt/flanks/top of neck – why?

    I’ve been doing the opposite – clipping D’s belly, under-neck, and chest as needed. I figure getting the hair off of those big blood vessels in her neck helps cool her, but leaving the hair on her topline gives her a little more protection from rain/snow. I have no idea if I’m correct or not, and I’m just wondering what your rationale is?

  2. No Funder the dark hair is his summer coat! He’s light in the winter and has come through really dark this spring (he smuts easily – crap palomino!). So he is trace clipped – underside of his neck, belly and flanks clipped. Same as D.

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