Three times one equals… um… ten??

We’re off riding together this weekend. Me and the two kids, plus three ponies. Savannah is having her first taste of endurance riding – I think she’s going to like it.

I LOVE riding with the girls. It’s noisy, and occasionally chaotic, but always fun. This pic is from their very first ever ride about three years ago – all of 5 miles! We’ve come quite a long way. Weren’t they cute??Image

So I really enjoy the riding, and the camping.. But oh my God the packing..

You’d think it would just be three times as much stuff, wouldn’t you? Three horses, three saddles, three bridles etc instead of one? And in fact the horses is the easy bit. But when the family is camping instead of just me, apparently yogurt and chocolate will no longer cut it for dinner.. you have to cook. Which means you have to shop. And you have to take pots and pans, and a gas ring, and a gas bottle… And suddenly you get to wondering if you’ll actually have room for the horses.. Not to mention the amount of extra clothing you suddenly need to take in case it rains, or is cold, or hot, or sunny…

We’re riding in an Australian November: it’s not going to be THIS cold, thankfully..



Sunburn is more likely.

Anyway – I have 48 hours to get it done. The float and the ute will be packed to the gunwales and then we have to get 4 people and 3 horses into them as well! Wish me luck… There is likely to be yelling.

But this sort of view still makes my heart sing: I guess it’s worth it.


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