Summer time…

And the living is easy.

Angel head in bale 1

nom nom nom

Fat joe Feb 2011

Looks like a real endurance athlete, doesn’t he??

Ah well, he deserves the break (and he is back on a diet now!)

I try and give the 2 serious endurance horses at least 3 months off at the end of the season. 3 COMPLETE months off – they don’t get a saddle slung on them at all in that period. It’s important for them mentally as well as physically, and I have the luxury of being able to throw them out in a herd situation with plenty of space (100 acres at the moment) so they really just “get to be horses”. The other three don’t get quite as long, but the two ponies will get till after Xmas and Savannah will get – well, until I get bored and scratchy and need to be on a horse again (usually about 3 weeks!)

In the meantime, I am working on ME. I am currently several kilos (probably about 20 pounds) heavier than I should be, so I have started on a no chocolate, no alcohol, low carbs diet. I still can’t get the carbs out of breakfast – for whatever reason I can’t do protein first thing in the morning.

I am running again – mid last season I had worked up to running 5km three times a week but life got in the way and I stopped. So now I have to build back up again (why can’t people hold their fitness for as long as horses do??!) I have also started throwing some High Intensity Interval Training sessions into the mix, on advice from the good folks in the “Rider Fit” group on Facebook (I highly recommend it). It’s horrible to do, but it works! And in between I try and throw in some crunches and some planks.

And, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate…

This very well bred, qualified endurance mare is cooking me a baby! He or she will come out buckskin, and will be 75% Arab



And this boy is newly arrived at a friend’s place as a joint project. he’s 3 and a half, part Arab, still has his testicles (headdesk: WHY do people do this??) and is in serious need of some groceries, but he seems nice enough. First order of business is to remove the offending items, get him looking better, and then start him under saddle and see what we have. We probably should  pick him a name as well…  In theory, we will then sell him on, but neither of us are very good at that bit. Maybe he’ll stay!

New Boy

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