The provisional 2014 Western Australian ride calendar is out… And although I need to leave Joe alone in the paddock for another month or so, the feverish planning and “what if”ing have begun…

So at the moment the theory looks like this:

Back in work: mid January

First ride: 25 miles on the 15th March 

First 50 miles: Saturday 29th March

Ride the Easter marathon on the 18th, 19th and 20th April with the aim of doing at least 2 of the 3 50 milers on offer (we’ll play it by ear and only do day three if he looks and feels really good)

A slow steady 50 miler on the 17th May (or maybe 25, as the ride in the calendar for that weekend is VERY hilly).

100 mile attempt on the 30th – 31st May (eek). It’s a flat track, but some deep sand…

If we don’t get through that 160 there is another chance to get a qualifying rid  in (to do the 2014 Quilty I have to have done at least one 160km ride, but Joe doesn’t). However I also have a family trip home to England in July, so life will get VERY untidy around about there! 

I am trying just to play it all by ear, but flying by the seat of my pants is not one of my strong points!

As for me.. well, the fitness plan continues. I am currently working my way through the Couch to 5K program: I am on week 7 so by Xmas I should have run my first 5km. At the moment I am running 5 times a week as I am also doing 2 High Intensity Interval sessions, where basically you run as hard as you can for a minute and a half, followed by a 4 minute recovery walk, and repeat 4 times. This too gradually builds up the time spent at speed and reduces the recovery time. It’s HORRIBLE, but I am liking the results.

And I am chucking in press ups and planks in front of the TV in the evenings!

I have lost about 4 pounds so far, and have another fifteen or so to go. This will drop me back to middleweight for rides, which is where a LOT of the riders are! I almost liked being a heavyweight, as there are probably only four regular riders also in that category in this state. Also, being at the bottom end of the heavyweight range means you have an advantage over those riding at heavier weights (all blokes!). In middleweight, I shall be at the top end of the weight range, therefore at a disadvantage compared to many others. However, when it comes to the welfare of my HORSE, I am better off at a lighter weight.

So – running for the next month for me, while Joe continues to enjoy his holidays. When he comes back into work we will be practicing running and leading as well.

In other news, squeeee! This arrived rather by surprise yesterday!



This little beauty (a buckskin filly) is my future endurance horse. She is out of a well qualified endurance mare and by a cremello stallion who goes back to some very well known endurance lines on HIS sire side. I have never owned a horse that I have known from day one, so I am ever so slightly giddy with excitement. Many mor ephotos to come, I am sure…



One thought on “Planning…

  1. I LOVE ride planning season! It’s so much fun to have the whole year spread out before you, pristine, while you play around with the what-ifs. Good luck!!

    OMG the baby is adorable, can’t wait to see more of her.

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