We got it. The forecast for this weekend is for 38 degrees Celsius (that’s just over 100 degrees F, you lot in the USA). And around here, 42 C (107 F) is not unheard of.

Guess I’ll be running early in the morning then…

I’ll admit it, I’m a wimp in the heat. I grew up in the UK, where temps like that are unheard of, and I still consistently do a good impression of a wilting flower when the thermometer tops 35. Thank goodness endurance is a winter sport, I used to mutter to myself as I hibernated-in-reverse under the air conditioning…

Well, kinda. Thing is, if Joe and I are going to do everything we plan on this year, our first ride (25 miles) is in March. Which means we’ll be training in January and February. Which are our hottest months around here. Ride organizers are lovely, and start rides REALLY early if the forecast is for heat, but all the same we can potentially expect to be riding when it’s 30 degrees. Which means Joe and I need to adjust to that, rather than only riding at 6 a.m. because that’s nicer for both of us! To add to the potential issue, the 3 day Marathon is at Easter, which this year falls in mid April, which means we could expect warm weather then as well.

So heat conditioning it is, then. Mel over at Boots and Saddles ( bootsandsaddles4mel.blogspot.com.au ) has some good ideas and excellent links for me to mull over.

First things first – suck it up Anna and go and do some running on warm days! We have a forecast high of 29 C (84F) today so that seems like a good place to start..

The good news is that the consensus seems to be that, if we can complete back-to-back 50s at the Easter marathon in April, then barring accidents/lameness etc etc etc we should be able to give the 100 miler in May a red hot go. It will be over the same course and we have a full  6 weeks between the two, so Joe can have 3 or 4 weeks off followed by a quick 25 miles 2 weeks out. Or something like that…



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