Happy Holidays/Xmas/Christmas (choose your title)

Happy Christmas!

From all of us here at the madhouse  I mean our farm in Western Australia.

We’re all having a rest over Xmas – the horses are still on spell and I seem to have aggravated an old Achilles injury so I shall have my  feet up as much as possible over the holiday break.

I shall ease back into running in about a week. The horses come back in in mid January to start getting back into shape, and then it all kicks off in March, with the 100 miler in May as our target…

Our 2014 goals:

Me: lose another 15 pounds so I can ride middleweight. Run a 5km road race. Somehow save the money to get back to the UK in July to catch up with family.

Joe: Complete the Easter marathon (3 x 80km/50 miles over three days). Finish a 160km/100 miles in May. Get to the Quilty Gold Cup… (Australia’s equivalent of Tevis).

Savannah: Do an E grade tetrathlon in February, and an E grade ODE in April. Knock over a 40km endurance ride in August.

Faith: Grow, get halter trained, get weaned, have a holiday in Perth learning to tie up and deal with hobbles…

The girls: Complete an E grade ODE and an E grade tetrathlon. Ashleigh is aiming for her first 40km (25 miler) on the amazing Mojo.

So, not much going on then…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with these pictures, because naww…

Faith 2 weeks and girls 2

Faith 2 weeks and lauren

Faith 2 weeks and Ashleigh

Faith 2 weeks


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