Training in January…

Has knobs on. Our forecast for the next week is hot, REALLY hot, OMFG hot, and then maybe “hot but it feels cool in comparison to what we have just had”…

Now I remember why we don’t normally do rides in March..

However, we have a commitment to a 100 mile attempt in May, and that means a 40km ride in March… So we’re in training.

Joe is FAT. But he doesn’t seem to have lost much in the way of fitness, as assessed by him trying THREE TIMES to unseat me on a quick 8km (5 miles) ride last week, which was out first one in 2 months. I was in a new saddle, and had been thinking to myself “hmm, I think the stirrups need to go up a hole” when the kids decided to have a canter and Joe decided to follow. Then to pigroot. Yup, those stirrups WERE a hole too long and I very nearly ate dirt!

We’ve had two much better behaved rides since then. I can’t stand the thought of work in our (unshaded) arena while it’s this hot, but we have been working on our “long and low” and on engaging that hind end while out on short (4 to 5 miles in 45 minutes or so) trail rides. We WERE going to do 8 miles or so this weekend but we may have to start that one at 5.30 in the morning as our forecast for the weekend is for 42 degrees  Celsius (107F).

I wish we lived nearer the beach (where, contrary to what the press might say, people DO NOT get eaten by sharks very often!)

Meanwhile, my dear OH is at work AGAIN on a  float refurbishment. We have pulled the roof off the gooseneck to replace the crappy old metal, and extended it back by 1200mm (about 45 inches). This should give us the room to carry 4 horses AND all their gear, by moving the horse bays back and having a full width tack box in the front.

At the moment, it looks like this:


And I can stand through the roof:


But we’ll get there, and then we’ll be as flash as the proverbial rat with a gold tooth! We’ll even have a full double sized mattress in the front section: no more tents and swags for me or Pete. The top of the storage box will double up as  a sleeping area for the two girls (and two dogs), so everyone will be out of the dust and away from the cold floor. Now all I have to work out is how to get out for the inevitable middle of the night wee without waking them all up…


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