Not always good ones. But some of them turn out better than we have any right to expect.

We lost Mojo (Ashleigh’s Welsh Section B) a couple of weeks ago. He had been off colour for a while, but he was a pony who had suffered on and off with ulcers, so I assumed it was the same again.  I took him down to se eon of our favourite equine vets only 6 days earlier, who hadn’t found much wrong, agreed with my assumed diagnosis and had started him on a new medication for his ulcers. He appeared to be responding, so his death was completely unexpected.

He was a great pony who had taken her from leadline to her first competitions, and happily skipped through a number of 20km endurance rides.

He could be naughty, but she had ridden him since she was 5, and she was just starting to get to grips with the talent we all knew he had…

Ashleigh was of course devastated, but with the resilience of young children, bounced back quite quickly. However, she was without a horse to ride, and we were not in a position to rush out and buy a new one (not to mention that any pony bought in haste and out of desperation will inevitably turn out to be a bad idea).

So I shook the paddock to see who would fall out.


Seriously?? A relatively green, forward moving, 15hh mare for a 9 year old rider who weighs about 25 kilos wringing wet and has yet to grasp the concept of inside leg to outside hand?

Well, yep. We gave it a try and she LOVES her. They get on SO well – Ashleigh is not afraid of the fowardness, and Savannah appears to appreciate a rider who doesn’t hang onto her head, does not want to put her in a frame, and basically wants to trail ride, which is Savannah’s FAVOURITE THING.

Ashleigh is now determined to do her first 40km (25 mile) ride on this little mare this season, and by jeez I think she’ll do it too (with a little help from mum, who will ride one horse and pony another a couple of times a week to help put that initial fitness base on her).

In other news, Faith continues to grow and be pretty. She now leads and will pick up all 4 feet, and has had her first farrier trim. The fence injury is all (finally) healed, and much to my relief will not leave a scar. She loves the kids, and hates the cat!

Joe and I recorded 10 miles of hill work this weekend, and our first 40km is scheduled for March 16th. He has come back from his break fit and ready to go, has had a couple of physiotherapy sessions, and we have some exercises to be going on with. On the MY fitness front, I am now up to running 5km (yay me) although the hot weather continues to play havoc with any kind of schedule outside lunchtime sessions on the treadmill, which I find really boring. However, I have managed to lose about 7 of the 15 excess pounds I am carrying, which is gratifying.

So not much to report here really, except that sometimes you can make lemons out of lemonade, and that at 400 dollars, Savannah is now starting to look like the bargain of the century!

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