20km of arguments…

We went to a 20km introductory ride this weekend.. Ride base was only 20 minutes drive away from home so the girls and I went together to have a fun day out. The original plan was to ride Prycie the dear old Standardbred, but he was lame so Joe was pressed into service at short notice. Note to self: riding 160km, then not touching your horse for a month, then expecting him to behave over 20km while chaperoning 2 exuberant children is NOT a good idea! I think my shoulders are more sore now than they were after 160km. However. I shimmied over on Friday afternoon to help with vetting in, just because I could. On the way, there’s this:


Awesome, isn’t it? Made entirely from horseshoes. There’s also this one: Image

Which we would ride past the next day. It caused a bit of consternation…

We thought we were very posh, as ride base was a local equestrian centre which has a huge indoor arena so we could vet under the roof.


Yes, I stole this photo… Photo courtesy Chris Ros.

Just as well: the weather was pretty awful:


But we are never allowed to complain about the rain in this dry corner of the world. I went home having decided that I would wake up Saturday morning and decide whether to go or not based on whether we could actually hear rain on the roof.. However, Saturday dawned clear and cool and so we were off. Our start time was 10 a.m. which is seriously civilised: I am starting to wonder whether a lifetime of 20 and 40km rides is a respectable goal. The route out took us past the pub!


And into some seriously pretty bits of bush:


As well as some open farmland:


Joe was a right royal pain in the butt the whole way, but the girls and their ponies had an absolute ball:


Savannah and Ash mar 10 2014

And I even forgave Joe in the end:






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