Retirement Looms… A tribute

For Angel.

Angel up close

Got carrots?? Otherwise, why are you here?

double dink

Lauren and a school mate double dink


She’s 21. She’s not sick, or lame, or anything like that, but she has started throwing in unexpected stops at showjumping, and last weekend at Pony Club Lauren was convinced she “wasn’t Angel”. Kudos to you, Lauren, for noticing.

This pony has taught a number of children to ride, she has taken Lauren from a nervous nelly who wasn’t sure she wanted to ride:

Lauren riding Angel

First ever ride.. Angel hadn’t been ridden in 18 months

at the age of 7, to this:

Angel jumping 2014

65cm jumping, 2014

at the age of 11.

She has given countless pony rides to kids who had never sat on a horse before, done a few 20km endurance rides (she’s not exactly built for more), taken my 72 year old father for a ride, played polocrosse, done games, and been an out and out star at showjumping.

She’s never been a loving soul: she wears a permanent scowl and barely tolerates me.


Typical Angel expression. After one of our first ever 20km rides as a family.

But as far as she is concerned Lauren is HER human, and she loves her and puts up with all sorts from her:Lauren Bareback Angel      bringing in Angel      Bareback fun 2     Lauren trying to catch Angel


Ashleigh on Angel

She also got ridden by the younger sister…

Steph on Angel

Packing a novice friend around on a trail ride




Stopping at showjumps is NOT like here: she has always been 100% reliable.

I think she’s just DONE. Lauren is now at a stage where she wants to do more: she is keen to learn about inside leg to outside hand, and correct bend, and impulsion.. Angel knows all of that, but as far as she is concerned she is a grand old dame who shouldn’t have to do all that mucking around any more.

Which is fair enough. I can’t possibly move her on, so she will stay here.

She will go into retirement at the end of this season (which is only a couple of months away – everyone gets a break over the hottest part of the summer around here). She has earned a place her for the rest of her life, and will be a rather strict but affectionate nanny for Faith.

Which is all well and good, but now Lauren needs something else to ride… Horse hunting again. Sigh.


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