Random Thoughts while chewing my nails down to the elbow…

Counting down the days and doing a very bad job of “tapering”… So no riding to report.

So instead I present for you a random grab bag of thoughts:

On drinking: (Horse not human!) from http://www.fundersgoodidea.com/ on horse hydration over 50 or 100 miles:

30 swallows equals a gallon, and horses lose something like 2 1/2 gallons per hour (I think). All horses get dehydrated over the first 25 miles of a ride, and the ones who’ll do well spend the rest of their miles getting re-hydrated.

This fits with Joe, who doesn’t drink for the first 40 to 50km, but will almost always tank up at at the first opportunity after 50km.

On Fun: I have decided that riding 100 miles is definitely type II fun. It may even verge on type III: this is from a blog on climbing:

Type 1 fun:
Something that had instant gratification, somewhere that you can enjoy in the moment. Examples are good sex, good food, good climbing; you get the idea. This is what your aiming for in an activity.
Type 2 fun:
Something that you look back on and think “hey, that was fun” but didn’t actually seem like it at the time. Also could be called “retrospective fun”. Examples could be when you’ve done a route that scared the sh*t out of you, but wasn’t actaully that bad. You’d look back on the shared experience you and your partner had, thinking it was fun. For me, hanging belays just above the ocean are probably type 2 fun.
Type 3 fun:
Something that isn’t fun at all, not even when you look back at it and you remember at the time screaming at yourself (usually in your head) as to “why the bloody hell are you doing this?”. It’s the sort of thing that you tell your friends “If I ever have an idea as stupid as that again, slap and don’t let me do it”. Strangely all of the thing that I’ve done that are type 3 fun may not have been fun, but definitely left a strong memory or impression on me.

I went through the “What the hell was I thinking?” stage just after the 160km qualifier we did in May. It took me a few weeks to decide to put in an entry for the Quilty. Right now, I am back at the “what the hell am I thinking”” stage: I am not at all sure I want to do this, I worry endlessly about breaking (and in my darker moments, about the possibility of killing) Joe. I DON’T worry about myself, Joe will look after me, but I do worry about him.

I worry about failing… We all know that statistically, many of us will. Finishing a 160 is NOT a given, no matter what preparation you do. It takes some effort for that knowledge to sit comfortably with me: I am not good at failure.

All part of my “personal growth” I guess…

On tapering: (also horse not human – I am not fit enough to consider that I qualify for a taper. I am TRYING to continue runing up until the week before the ride):

Does throwing your horse in a 100 acre paddock with his mates and riding him for about an hour at a time when you find the time count as tapering?? Joe and I went out and did 50kms over the weekend 10 days ago (33km Saturday, 17 km of hills Sunday). Since then riding has been patchy at best: we did a 45 minute “reconnect the bits of the horse” arena session last Tuesday and an interval workout on Thursday (4 repeats of 4 minutes cantering, 2 minutes walking, if anyone is interested).

A combination of crap weather over the weekend (however, YAY for softer tracks for the Quilty), a massive workload and family commitments mean that I have barely touched my horse since then.  I KNOW on a logical level that he is supposed to be tapering, and that 80km 4 weeks ago plus the 50km over the weekend 2 weeks ago mean that he is fit enough, and that leaving him alone is probably a good thing to do with him right now. but I can’t quite shake the feeling that everyone else has their Quilty horses on a  very controlled regime of diet and exercise, whereas mine is standing in the paddock.

Must resist the urge to fiddle…

On the Quilty:

If anyone is interested, here is the official website, with entries list, course details and venue map: http://watq.cloudaccess.net/

Live(ish) updates of riders’ progress will be available here: http://www.aeraspace.com.au/Default.aspx

And that’s all I’ve got this week…


One thought on “Random Thoughts while chewing my nails down to the elbow…

  1. haha, hundreds are definitely “seemed like fun at the time,” yep!

    You’ve tapered Joe perfectly, at least according to how we train over here. 80k 4 weeks out is perfect. A big pasture with room to move and friends to inspire him to move is perfect. And you know most of the diet supplements are crap! He’s fine.

    Best of luck to you two. Can’t wait to follow the live update thingie!

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