Quilty riders are trickling into the ride base already: big rigs from Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, the marquees are going up, trade stands are being erected…

The weather forecast is for 21 degrees C (70F) with a Southerly breeze (cool). Perfect.

I am in a complete tizz: surrounded by lists, not getting much constructive done at work as I.cannot.concentrate…. Trailer is half packed, boots glueing supplies are ready but will not be used until tomorrow.

I go down to register tomorrow, but because we only live 40 minutes from the ride base, Joe will not go down until early Friday morning (a.k.a the last possible minute). He will be happier in his paddock with his mates than in a small yard at ride base.

Sort of… He has managed to take some skin off his right hind cannon bone in the last couple of days… Great. He’s not lame, it is SLIGHTLY swollen after being yarded (at home) overnight, foes down in the paddock during the day, and I’m sure will be fine. But seriously dude, I did not need the stress.

The current plan is to leave him in the big paddock overnight Thursday, throw him on the trailer when we are packed and ready to leave Friday, and hope like hell a 40 minute drive is not enough to cause it to swell!

Wish us luck…



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