No buckle…

I’m not dead, and nor is Joe. We did get to the Quilty, but we did not finish.
There’s a LOT to say, and a LOT to process, but at the moment to be perfectly honest I’m still licking my wounds and sulking a bit! My Facebook feed is full of photos from happy buckle winners and I am happy for them, honest, but also really jealous and a little bit grumpy.
I’m also in the UK for three weeks, which is fabulous but the WiFi is dodgy and life is busy.
Briefly: we made it 120km before getting out lame due to a silly accident involving a boggy patch of trail. We were in illustrious company as the overall completion rate was only 37%… Not that that makes me feel any better.
I am Immensely proud of my sensible, big hearted little horse but I almost certainly won’t do any more 160s with him. He has a heart as big as the moon and does that distance because I ask him to, but mentally it is VERY tough for him and I don’t want to put him through that much again.
A blow by blow account with pictures will follow, but maybe not for a couple  of weeks.

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