And the living is easy. For Joe at least:

Fat joe 2015

I’d say he’s put the weight back on that he lost after the Quilty…


Not so much for me. As usual I am using my “downtime” from riding to a) run and b) work on the babies we have here.

I took up running about seven years ago. I very much run for fitness: I do not ENJOY running per se but I do feel quite proud of myself when I stop after managing to log 5km or so, considering that when I started I could barely run for 30 seconds! I used the Couch to 5K programme to get me started which I thoroughly recommend.

Why do I run? Because 7 years ago I moved from a job working in mixed practice where I was on my feet and moving all day to an office job where I mostly sit at a desk, and in the first 6 months I put on four kilos… And decided I couldn’t go on that way. I often joke that “I only run so I can eat” but under the joking that is basically true… I have a horribly sweet tooth and I love to bake, so to counteract all that I have to MOVE. I could come over all worthy and declare that I “want my children to see me being healthy” and so on, but the fact is I run so I won’t be fat (although it is probably better for my kids to see me running and enjoying my food, than to see me eating nothing but lettuce, which would be the alternative). I did for a while have a theory about running parts of our 80km rides, but I haven’t yet managed to lift my pace enough to be able to keep up with Joe’s trot… Although I do get off and jog down hills.

This year I have signed up for a 12km (7.5 mile) run for charity… This is a BIG step for me. I run almost exclusively on my own as I am a) slow and b) still battling with my self image as “not athletic”.. I still have the self talk that makes me thing no one wants to see my wobbly self running down the road. I also don’t feel like a “runner” despite all those inspirational memes you see declaring that “if you run, you’re a runner” and yaddayadayada. Logically I know this is completely not true, but the thought is still there. So I am putting myself out there and doing it.

The run is in May, which is after the start of the endurance season.. Not sure yet how I will fit it all in, but I have the luxury of the option of running at work during my lunchbreak, so that will happen, once the riding starts again in earnest.

There’s not a lot else happening around here, to be honest, which is why I’m writing about running instead of riding…

Chime continues to do well:

Lauren riding Chime    The gang


Savannah has started back into boot camp to try and reduce the fat:

Ash Jan 2015    Riding out 2

I shall leave you with some running photos:

Running face

My really happy running face

run shoes

My new running shoes: Mizunos. Got them for a steal. Much lighter than my trusty old Asics: I quite like them so far and so, apparently, does my Achilles.

Missy morning run

Missy wants to know if we are going any further…  Answer? No.

Morning scenery

Scenery’s nice though.


Tired Sophie

6.5km in the morning tires little dog out…


And then I go to work while everyone else is still in pyjamas  (it’s the long summer school break here, so of course teacher husband is also on holidays). Which sometimes means I feel like this in the morning:


I’m sure I’ll get over it.

One thought on “Summertime…

  1. i Run to eat as well! Not so much a sweet tooth, but a good food tooth if you know what I mean. Looking forward to hearing how your race goes. It’s a big step 🙂

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