Online Shopping..

In the ongoing “no riding no running” scenario that is my life right now, I have been online shopping…

I LOVE online shopping. I HATE real shopping: it’s crowded, noisy, there is too much bright light… I can completely understand why small kids have meltdowns in shopping centres as I usually feel like having one after about 10 minutes.

We live 2 /12 hours drive from our nearest big shopping centre, so we don’t go often, which suits me fine. However it means when we do go we are usually trying to BUY ALL THE THINGS while we are there, which adds to the stress level.. We have a “safe” word when we go shopping in the city… I kid you not: if any family member decides another family member is being completely unreasonable, they get to shout “banana” at the top of their voices! This is a cue for everyone to calm the f**k down and take a deep breath.

But I digress. I do love online shopping. I am not a girly girl so (big surprise) most of my online shopping is for stuff for horses, or for me while riding horses, or for running (and occasionally both).

This week this arrived in the mail:


Power tool for hoof trimming = so cool

I had a few issues with the words “women friendly hoof care tools” all over their website, but they do have a point.. I have 6 sets of tootsies to take care of, which means SOMEONE is always due for a trim. I am 47 and I just can’t do them all by hand any more. So we’ll give this a go. It is nice and light, and the videos make it look like it works well. It also has a dead man’s switch which is reassuring. However it only has one speed, which is a bit terrifying: I have a mental image of taking someone’s foot off deep into the laminae…

First one for a trial will be dear dependable Angel as a) she can be relied on not to freak out at the noise, b) she is not in work and currently has a LOT of spare hoof to come off and c) if I get power tool crazy and take too much off  and make her a bit tender she isn’t required to do anything but stand in the paddock and be grumpy at the baby (she’s very good at that. Oh, and eating).

Here’s a link to a video if anyone is interested:

I also ordered one of these:


It’s a very handy tool for making sure you get toes short enough when trimming. I learnt to trim from the guy who sells these and he is an absolute stickler for hoof balance (both lateral, and breakover) and for having short toes and low heels. Interestingly he is an old school farrier who think barefooters are a mob of idiots, but his trim works beautifully for bare feet as well as shod horses. I just mustang the roll the edge instead of nailing a shoe to it. Goes to show how the basic correct principles are the same for both schools.

And then, because one can never have too many running/riding shirts, I took delivery of this:



And this:


I’m a big fan of cycling clothing for riding. They come in very hi tech, moisture wicking fabrics, and their waterproof jackets are REALLY waterproof. The cut is low enough to keep the base of the spine covered, but not too long. Plus the shirts have handy pockets in them AT THE BACK. Out of the way on both bikes and horses. They allow me to carry lipsalve and my spare glasses on my person, while a Stowaway pack on my saddle holds tissues, water and a spare hoof boot. Plus, the shirts come in a great range of colours.

I buy from Wiggle: They have great specials, and free delivery. I just looked them up so I could add their web address and got lost in their clearance section for about 15 minutes…

I’ll be back after the weekend (given SOME SORT of cooler weather) with a review on the hoof trimmer.


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