About Joe

Joe is a “mutt”…

He has a pure Arab stallion for a father who goes back to some quite impressive breeding (not that I would have known that when I bought him)..

For those who are interested, his sire line goes back to horses like Halebi and Yidda, and if you go far enough to stallions like Count Cordova and Skowronek.  But then so do an awful lot of Australian Arabs… I do like Count Cordova and Skowronek though:

Count Cordova

Count Cordova



Joe’s mum on the other hand was a cremello mare of unknown breeding who wasn’t all that much to look at: good legs though.

Joe's mum

Joe’s mum

Probably just as well I didn’t see pics of her till after I bought him… I guess the breeders were breeding for colour.. Luckily Joe seems to have got his genetics mainly from the sire lines.

Both mum and dad were only 14 – 14.2hh but someone forgot to tell Joe that, as he has topped out at a good 15.2.

When I first saw him he was an uncatchable, cocky, rising 2 year old. He had been taken on by the then owner as payment for a bad debt (!). The owner was about 4 foot 9 tall and bred miniature ponies… Joe was the biggest thing on the place and thought he was king dick. He had to be run into the sheep yards to be caught, but even then you could see it was all a big game to him. And when we turned him back out and he floated down the paddock I knew he needed to come home with me.

Joe the day he came home

Joe the day he came home

The day he came home Pete was pushing fallen trees around with the loader and Joe marched straight up to the machine and stuck his head in the cab: I realised then I may have bought the right horse for endurance!

A few months in a paddock  with my big Standardbred gelding sorted out the “king dick” attitude and Joe has been nothing but a delight ever since: his only fault is an ear phobia that surfaces every now and then. I think he may have been ear twitched in the past. He is bold, inquisitive, loves people, gentle with my children, and a joy to ride. He’s no believer in wasting energy at home training, but a roaring dragon over the first 15km of an 80km ride… Even then though, because I know he will NOT spook, I am not TOO worried about the pace he sets. I think in 4 years I have fallen off him once, and that was in the first 6 weeks after breaking because the saddle slipped.

Gentle with my kids...

Gentle with my kids…

He’s my heart horse… Sadly because he is so nice to be around, my kids have designs on him: here both horse and rider are 7!

Ashleigh Joe L's birthday


Here he is winning  Best Conditioned Heavyweight at our State champs in 2013:

WAERA State Champs 2013_2


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